Customer Focused Organization

While thinking about implementing a process effectively, I realized about one thing. Although we may have an ambition to be customer focused, putting the customer at the center of all we do, we tend to concentrate on our own activity rather than customer requirements. There is a tendency to drive for outputs rather than outcomes. In other words, it is common to focus on what we do as an organization rather than what it means for our customers. The result is that even though our intentions are sound, somehow our practice does not turn out as intended. Another common challenge for customer focus is an emphasis on efficiency or cost reduction. In the process of striving for efficiency it is all too easy to lose the essence of what the customer really wants, rather than what we do for them. Think about when you were in a restaurant; everyone may get fed, but have you had the desired service experience?

So how do we put matters right and give customers what they really want? I guess the first thing we can do is to go back to the basic, that is defining clearly what customers really are looking for and what are they buying from us. Next is working hard not making the sales as the end point of contact with customers rather all the way making through their network of relationships and maintaining it.

About Monika Ardianto

Monika Ardianto is a Quality/Operational Management Consultant and Author of the Award Winning Book "Winning The Audit". She is a Senior Member of American Society for Quality. Monika has Expertise with ISO 9001 and has helped several multi-billion Companies in over 10 countries.
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